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Dear Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, oliver-mary-2014-200x210

Are you overwhelmed with too many options and too much information online? Are you bombarded by magical “push-button” systems that will make you rich tomorrow or some software that will automatically bring traffic for you? Are you frustrated and disappointed by the slow progress? Do you need guidance and direction to get quick results?

If you want to . . .

  • Create a search engine, social media and mobile optimized website that attracts your target audience
  • Build a powerful lead generation system to bring a steady stream of qualified prospects
  • Convert leads to your loyal customers who will buy from you over and over again
  • Set up an automated system to generate multiple sources of passive income online 24/7
  • Grasp the most profitable sought-after internet and eCommerce opportunities

You are at the right place!

Oliver and Mary de-mystify and simplify online marketing for you. You will be introduced to proven effective internet marketing strategies as well as practical ways to increase your sales online. Oliver and Mary have been offering Double Your Income® Online Internet marketing training courses in 3 levels  5 courses since 2010. Both have trained and helped 10000+ business owners, professionals, real estate agents, insurance agents, financial planners, etc.

What you will learn from Double Your Income® Online Internet marketing training . . .

    • How to build a SEO, social media and mobile optimized WordPress website even you are non-techie
    • How to make your website stand out from over 800,000,000 websites worldwide competing for eyeballs
    • How to use keyword analysis tools to find your profitable keywords, know your customers and competition
    • How to rank high on Google first page through search engine optimization
    • How to create quality fresh content quickly that brings more traffic and builds your email list
    • How to build a magnetic lead generation system that attract targeted prospects to you
    • How to convert leads to your customers who will buy from you over and over
    • How to use simple tools to increase your website conversion, customer satisfaction and sales like magic
    • How to use these secret ways to get quality traffic even without Google
    • How to leverage the power of social networking sites to build your targeted followers
    • How to live a life of abundance with the help of our success triangle
    • How to become a leader and be successful in everything you do

. . . . and much more And you can also expect to . . .

  • Network with like-minded people
  • Brainstorm new ideas of generating multiple sources of income online
  • Be inspired and recharged to unlock your full potential

“No one is left behind” is our commitment to you! You will learn from highly qualified Internet Marketing training experts, Oliver Gu and Mary Wang, who each has two master degrees (in MBA, Computer Science, and Communication Studies) from distinguished universities in the US and 10+ years of Internet marketing training and business experiences in North America. They have used proven strategies to achieve success and now would like to share their knowledge and expertise with you. “We are committed to helping you achieve success in your online business!”

Need private coaching and consultation?  Contact Oliver and Mary at 1 800 816 5478 to schedule a 30-minute free consultation.

Register Now for 3-Hour Internet Marketing Seminar (Value $297) for FREE!

We value your privacy and would never spam you

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Here is What Others Say About Our 3-hour Free Seminar

It was very informative and educational. Mary was very helpful and thorough with her explanations. It was also nice to meet other individuals who are starting their own venture and had similar marketing interests.

Hina Rizvi

Oliver really knows his stuff. He preaches from what he has practiced and is still doing. The seminar lived up to its billing. It is very rich in content. I appreciate the fact that Oliver was open to a barrage of questions relating to I.M. It definitely was an excellent presentation. Thank you, Oliver and Mary for organizing this event.

Eric Fermin

It was amazing. I was learning so many new ways to drive traffic to my websites. Thank you Oliver and Mary for sharing such valuable inside information on how to make money online and how to promote your existing business. I also met some wonderful people at the meeting and we were still talking about everything we just learned while we were standing in the parking lot and when Oliver and Mary Gu came outside they were very happy and excited that we had all made friends. This is a wonderful community of wealth builders. Thank you Oliver and Mary Gu for inviting me into your Wonderful World of Special Speed Wealth Meetups.

Tom Hamilton
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