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Since Internet Marketing Training Courses were first offered at Victoria International College in  2010, they have become the most popular courses of the college.  Our students speak highly of them.  Just to share with you some of their testimonials on the internet marketing training level 1 and level 2 courses.


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Our students love us so much!

Our graduates:

“The internet marketing training course is fantastic.  I learn so much information which will help me have more confidence to market my business. I am looking forward to attending level 2 internet marketing training!”

— Michelle Bertrauee Mar 15, 2012  Read the original review.

“I learned so much information in this internet marketing training course!  I highly recommend this to any one serious about building a website for business.”

— Sandy Korak  Mar 15, 2012

“Very good and abundant information to learn.  Oliver and Mary, you both are very experienced with Internet Marketing Training and it shows on each class session you teach.  This has opened my eyes on other aspects of the Internet, especially on how to monetize a simple idea.”

— Wilheim (Wil) Guerrero  Mar 15, 2012

“This is a five star class.  It opens my mind to start my business via Internet.  Appreciate Oliver and Mary feed us so much and precious information in only 4 internet marketing training classes.”

— Joyce Chung Mar 15, 2012

“Very educational.  I made back the full tuition amount by the second class.  I used the tools, I got the results.  Thank you Oliver & Mary.”

— Ken Stabler Dec. 8, 2011

“It is an excellent internet marketing training course.  Oliver and Mary are fully dedicated to our success.  The amount of information is simply unbelievable.  I am lucky to be part of this learning experience.”

— Csaba Lendvas  Dec 8, 2011

“Great course! Great Teachers! Real hands-on experiences and techniques that can be applies right away!  Thank you Mary & Oliver!”

— Jeff  Dec 8, 2011

“Thanks for a lot for Mary nice patiently education, you let me enter the door of earning money; Thanks for Oliver;  you are the best of bests! Your speaking is so encourage and exciting, you let the audience to HIGH! let students know we have chance, now it is not late to start, just good time as a beginner;  you light our mind to be a boss; the breathing will not be pressure; DREAM will be truth!! “

— Thomas Sun M.D. Ph.D.   April 26, 2011

“The just finished EBay and Internet Marketing training! Seminar is so great – I learned a lot from both of you! In addition, I was also very impressed to the way you teach and communicate with all students. You’re wonderful teachers as well as trustworthy friends. I’m looking forward to learning more from you and even cooperating with you in the future. ”

— Jeff Li  Jan 30, 2011

“Exceptional experience. The content and structure of the internet marketing training course was exceptional.”

–- Robert Vendryes   Dec 18, 2010

“This internet marketing training seminar is very exciting with professional instructors who have experiences in this field and also with his great leadership skills and her patience to help us to understand the subject.  Packed with information.”

-– Emilia Chen   Dec 18, 2010

“It is an intensive internet marketing training but Oliver& Mary are excellent teachers who are able to explain everything in a simple, clear way, easy to understand, very practical.  Thank you so much!”

-– Karen Bao    Dec 4, 2010

“Packed with information, very practical doable, well worth the investment. Highly recommended to everyone I know.”

— Dr. Peng Haibo   Oct 24,  2010


“Packed with information, very practical doable, well worth the investment. Highly recommended to everyone I know.” — Dr. Peng Haibo
“Exceptional experience. The content and struture of the internet marketing training course was exceptional.”– Robert Vendryes
“It is an intensive internet marketing training but Oliver& Mary are excellent teachers who are able to explain everything in a simple, clear way, easy to understand, very practical.  Thank you so much!”– Karen Bao
“This seminar is very exciting with professional instructors who have experiences in this field and also with his great leadership skills and her patience to help us to understand the subject.  Packed with information.”– Emilia Chen

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All around exllecent training course

The best digital marketing training course in fundamental and advanced skills and techniques. Oliver and Mary are great teachers, not only in digital marketing but also in wisdom of business and development.

by Winnie Wang on Golden Vision Training

Very valuable internet marketing training course, excellent teachers!
You help me a lot with our grand opening. Thank you Mary & Oliver!

by Agnes He on Golden Vision Training

The internet marketing training provided by Oliver and Mary are very helpful. I learned a lot of valuable internet marketing skills from them. Thank you very much for all your great help.

by Michael Wei on Golden Vision Training

我是2013年登陆多伦多的。登陆后为了获得本地学历和经验,去college读了一个8个月的marketing research & analytics program。在学习的过程中,有一门digital marketing的课程,讲的是互联网营销所蕴含的巨大机会及其基本概念。遗憾的是,这门课对互联网营销只是泛泛而谈,我学完后并没有太大的收获。但是直觉告诉我,互联网营销应该是我可以攻克的一个求职方向。

一个偶然的机会,我发现Oliver和Mary老师互联网营销课程的广告,看了课程大纲后,觉得课程包含了很多实操性的东西,正是我迫切需要的。在听完Oliver老师的公开课后,就果断报名参加了全部三级课程的学习。Oliver和Mary老师不但在课程中介绍了很多互联网营销的战略战术和实际经验,还在课后通过网络会议定期给学员答疑解惑,更新最新的互联网营销技术。我也在课后通过帮助朋友建网站等方式,熟悉了互联网营销的技术和方法,并通过了Google Analytics Individual Qualification的考试。

2015年2月初,在经过充分准备后,我开始投简历找工作。其实市场上digital marketing的职位是很多的,包括e-commerce analyst,SEO specialist,social media specialist等等。两个星期以后,我就获得了一家西人公司e-commerce analyst的面试机会。在准备面试的过程中,我用老师课上教工具仔细分析了他们公司的网站,记下了优缺点。在面试的时候,当面试官问我是否研究过他们的网站时,我适时抛出了自己的观点,结果发现面试官的眼睛当时就亮了。当被问及有什么建议可以给到他们网站的时候,我结合老师课程的内容给出了答案。看得出面试官对我的回答很满意。果然,两天以后我就接到了该公司的offer。

Digital marketing 互联网营销是充满机会的行业,感谢两位老师将我领进门,也希望更多的朋友可以加入到这个行业来,而Oliver & Mary的互联网营销课程无疑是敲开这个行业机会大门的最好的敲门砖。

Hi Oliver and Mary, thank you for putting such valuable programs together for us. I really feel lucky to be able to attend the training classes. They touched every aspect of E-commerce and internet marketing, from web design, search engine optimization to social promotion. I have learnt so much.

Thank you again


by Patricia Martin on Golden Vision Training

Before beginning my program at Golden Vision Training, I knew nothing about social media, blogging, websites or making money online. I attended a free session and was sold by the very evident wisdom of both Oliver and Mary.

For years I was struggling working for other people, because although successful in my work, my heart had long left and longed for an opportunity where I could really shine based on my own initiatives, not anyone else’s.

Only a few months after taking the course, I took the opportunity to leave the corporate world and begin my own business. Thanks to the wonderful training I had behind me and the ongoing support from Oliver and Mary, it didn’t take long for my business to be a success. Not only did I build my own website, but a few customer sites as well! I use SEO tricks unknown to many other marketers and as a result, am able to get my customers fantastic results in a short period of time, leading to ongoing business and lots of referrals. I am at a point now where I am turning away customers or booking a few weeks ahead.

Thank you Oliver and Mary for giving me this long sought after opportunity of finally having my own business and creating my own success story!

by Peter Wang on Golden Vision Training

Hi, Oliver and Mary,
Thank you for your first Level I and II Internet Marketing training course held for Vancouver students. We were lucky to become the first group of students to enjoy the informative course which was packed with full loads of information, knowledge and tricks.

For myself, I used some internet marketing skills for my business for a few years in the past. But I feel that my knowledge is not all rounded. There are a lot of areas I do not know. So I bravely registered your course. I will gradually use all the marketing tricks and knowledge I learned in your class into my business down the road.
Internet is a very important tool for any business. Without an internet or website, a business is just like a person limb or handicapped. Thank you both again for providing us such a good course. In Vancouver, we do not have such a course provided in Chinese. Your coming into Vancouver market is right on time.

I like Oliver’s enthusiasm and Mary’s patience. You both are so kind and loving people. You teach without any reserve. You want us all to be successful just like you. I know you both are good Christians. Thank Lord. You both use your behavior to glorify our God. God bless you and your family.

Peter Wang, Vancouver, BC

It is really wonderful!

What Mr Oliver and Mary taught and conveyed us are the basic techniques which the CLASSICAL BOOKS, TEXTBOOKS all ignore. The basic techniques are those which tell us to fight, how to struggle and make successes on the battlefield. I have learned a lot from them! If you would like to learn online marketing or pursue best online job, Oliver and Mary are the best trainers to SEEK! I guaranteed!

We really hope the level III course will come soon! We can not help waiting until Sept.

by Andy Zhou on Golden Vision Training

I took all classes of Internet Marketing Training by Mary and Oliver and just finished level 3 this summer. The training was really eyes-open and mind-change experience. Step by step I rebuilt a photography web site using the knowledge an skills learned from the training. I have a dream of job free life style. Internet marketing can be the way. Thanks Mary and Oliver for your great help!

Thanks Andy for your nice words. It means a lot to us. Let's work together to go to the top!

by Amit Ambegaonkar on Golden Vision Training

I am blessed to know Mary and Oliver. I am saying this not just because they have taught me how to succeed in my business using online tools and website development and promotions, but also due to their energy level, enormous experience and ever-helpful attitude. After having known them, you know that you have found a friend that is willing to help you in difficult times!
I strongly recommend Oliver and Mary to all new and seasoned business entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their business exponentially!

by Tracy Yang on Golden Vision Training


by Angela Hou on Golden Vision Training


可喜的是,我意识到了网络营销的重要性。更可喜的是,我遇到了网络营销的重量级人物:Oliver老师。一年半前我曾被充满个人魅力的Oliver老师的一次网络营销公开课深深吸引了。但却一直苦于无法找到周六上课的时间。我带着一年半积蓄的激情,终于在13年8月17日走进了Oliver老师的课堂,揭开了网络营销神秘的面纱。我一口气读完了level 1和level 2。Oliver老师和Mary老师用他们超过10年的网络经验告诉我们什么是网络营销的核心问题--如何营销你的网络。精彩的授课和正能量的传递让我们每个人都受益匪浅,跃跃欲试。完全打破了我对传统网络的认识,原来以为建网站就是建网站。原来建网站只是第一步,重头戏是如何营销网站。网络营销绝对不是目的,只是手段。如何利用这个手段为你的生意真正的挣钱,才是我们需要深究的问题。上了Oliver老师和Mary老师的课后,我开始为自己的保险事业建立网站。在没上课之前,对于完全没有IT背景的我来说,自己建网站绝对是没有想过的事。今年9月我勇敢地为自己建了两个网站 和。我所有用到的知识都是在level 1的课堂上学到的。在把网站建起来后,我就会运用level 2的知识如何把网站营销出去。明年的今天就能检验出网站的效果如何。我期待这一天的到来。


by leon zhou on Golden Vision Training

The Internet is developing too quickly, many people haven't waken up, the world has changed!
I'm so lucky. Oliver & Mary woke me up. I have learned so much Internet marketing knowledge and secrets in the amazing training course.

Thanks Oliver & Mary again!

Leon Zhou

by yvonne zhang on Golden Vision Training

I moved in Toronto from Montreal several months ago. I kept searching jobs since I moved here. I actually found small jobs, but did not feel so happy with them because I found I was watched on and supervised like a baby. I looked so stupid? No, I just had to follow the rules and that was not my way to do things. I did not like the felling that I was totally under control and worked like a machine. I felt my spirit was dying. No, that's not the life I want. At that time, I heard of this course, I attended the introduction of internet marketing course given by Olive and Mary and made a quick decision. I need the course for my freedom physically and spiritually.

Since I registered the course, I could not wait for every Saturday to go to the course. there are tons of information passed to you, and they are all weapons to give you power to make money online.
I have to say, I am still digesting all the information I got, and I know I missed a lot of too. the good thing is I can go to the class as many time as I want to in one year, so I can catch every detail which is important and useful.

in this course, I found a new world to make money and at the same time I can have freedom to enjoy life if I can do it well. Of course, I have to take a lot of effort and spend a lot of time to review the knowledge and become an expert to be able to make money.

The key is that the course guides you a direction. You might spend a lot of time surfing online trying to find information you need, but there are thousands of thousands videos and lectures online, and you never know which one is really helpful for you, and you get confused there. It is like you run into a jungle and can not find a way out. That is horrible.

With the course, you know what you should do, you known what knowledge you should spend time to learn and it saves your time which should be spent to make money. That's the beauty of this course!

by Gordon Ma on Golden Vision Training

Hi Oliver and Mary,

You couple are the best Internet marketing trainer ever in my entire life!!!!

Not only because I have learned so much Internet Marketing knowledge and secrets from the class, but most importantly, I was motivated and inspirited by you to achieve my career success. That means a lot to me.

Thank you so much and I do appreciate all the efforts and dedication for us. Wish you have the best future and golden vision on your training.

Best Wishes
Gordon Ma

by Gloria Zheng on Golden Vision Training

Hi Oliver and Mary, just want to say THANK YOU for putting together this wonderful course for us!

Through this course, I have learned so much on internet marketing knowledge, tools and strategies, which laid out the solid fundation for me, and gave me crystal clear direction where I should go to bring my business to the next level, and I started seeing some results already :)!

What I also like about your course is that, you created a community of entrepreneur mindset people, we can learn and grow together with you!

I just finished level 2 course, can not wait to start level 3 course!


by Rena Wang on Golden Vision Training

Hi Mary and Oliver, Thank you very much for your generous supports.I am the oldest student.I always have a lot of questions, some of the basic things for the website I am still confused. You are always very patient and informative to encourage me to help me for the tiny difficulties.

When the level 3 started, I hesitated because I had a lot of things for level one and level two which I still could not apply, I called Mary. Mary encouraged me to take level 3 lessons.

Now I should say it is worth it to take level 3 because when you have learned level 3, you started to know how the gurus are making money online which will guide you to take action, and you realized that success is a learnable skill. Level one is the foundation, level two strengthen the foundation and more focus email marketing and copywritting. Level 1 + 2 are the bullets and guns. level 3 is ready to take actions, a lot of secrets from the gurus.

I highly recommend old students to take level 3 lessons.

Thanks Mary and Oliver


Hi Rena, thank you for your kind words. You really did a great summary of all three levels :) You will be rewarded by your persistence. God bless!

by Jessie Liu on Golden Vision Training

Hi Oliver and Mary, I want to thank you again for your generous support and promptness in responding to all my questions and concerns. From your presentation I was able to discover the secrets of online marketing, which I ve been struggling for three years to figure out myself and failed.

I applied the tips and strategies from your class, and I saw immediate improvement on my internet marketing campaigns. Not only so, the marketing strategies you share with us are universal are applicable to all online and off-line promotional activities.

The most important thing you taught us, however, is the passion and persistence that will finally lead to success. Nothing can be earned without ongoing commitment and efforts. You are a live example of what you are teaching.

by Peter Du on Golden Vision Training

The course Mary and Oliver delivery is a professional and very easy to practice one. You will walk away from this classroom with a working knowledge of how to plug your company into your customers. You don't have to be a computer genius to make internet marketing work for your business, and you don't have to spend a lot of marketing dollars to have a different online performance. This course will help you to easily understand the importance of such things as your business's email marketing list, search engine advertising and blogs. You will gain an understanding of how to make your B2B or B2C relationships help you to build an increased internet presence and how such relationships help to build your online marketing efforts. You will get the more and more income whenever you are working at your office chair or sleeping at your cruise bed.

Dear Mary & Oliver: Thanks for sharing your knowledge which is very helpful to my business. I've learned so much from Level 2 course!

Wonderful! Best training in my life ever!
mary and oliver gave us not only the way to make fortune but also the right way to live a better life!
Five plus!

Dear Oliver & Mary, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys . with you knowledge i got from your classes . i had successfully completed two projects

1. Published a ebook story book on Amazon.

2. Started blog website with gives free education to anyone . focused on English, maths , science supplementary lesson free on line. my website is called

http://www. . please check it out ( i need your help to promote this website )

3. My third project is on ...and soon i will update you ..which is very bigger

thank you for your support

by Heather Edgington on Golden Vision Training

This is an amazing class that took me from knowing nothing about building a website or about HTML to having a website up and running with a million ideas on how and what to market. I have also gained a group to continue to work with in the future on all our websites. THANKS!

by Susan Rich on Golden Vision Training

The course is so helpful and also can be repeated within 1 year.

I just finished the Internet Marketing Level II course. It was really an eye-opener for me. Mary and Oliver shared their knowledge, experience and insights about Internet Marketing. And they have also continuously updated the course materials to capture and incorporate the dynamics of this exciting field. We have not only learned the skills, but also been immersed in an atmosphere of actually doing Internet Marketing. The most precious lesson I have got these years is that, don’t just learn from the textbooks, learn from the practitioners, from the people who are successful in doing it. Mary and Oliver are definitely the experts in this area with lots of experience, and they also have the talents and willingness to share their experience with us.

This course provides all the necessary equipments and a firm starting point for us to start a thrilling journey as an Internet Marketer. So you can be certain you are ready to go after taking the course.

Oliver always compares the Internet Marketing with the great discovery of New Continent. I have to admit I have probably found my New Continent. And do you want to find your New Continent, which is currently out of your sight? Give this course a try. I highly recommend it.

by Cherry Liu on Golden Vision Training

overwhelming information, knowledge, ideas and inspirations. You will feel life is different after taking the course. A+ value.

Hi Cherry, thank you for your feedback and active participation. Feel free to contact us if you need help.


by joyce chung on Golden Vision Training

Thank you Mary and Oliver for providing such variety and in-depth I.M class. Professional and inspired us to move toward our goals.

Great job Joyce! I am so proud of you!

by Dany John on Golden Vision Training

It was an exciting experience to attend Oliver's training class on Internet Marketing. I believe I gained a lot!
So now, it's time for action! Let's make progress together!

- Dany John

Hi Dany, You are a thinker with many great ideas. Keep us posted of your progress. ~ Mary Wang

by Janet Xing on Golden Vision Training

Thank you Mary and Oliver, I got lots of new ideas from your lessons, very helpful!

Janet, It is my honor to have you in our Internet Marketing Training class. Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions. ~ Mary Wang

by Andy Zhou on Golden Vision Training

Just finished the Internet Marketing Training Level II last Saturday. Variety of in-depth topics were introduced, such as copywriting, article marketing, video marketing, local marketing, social media marketing and more. Recommend to all who want be successful in the internet marketing era. Let me share my video marketing home work here. Thanks Mary and Oliver!

It is a wonderful training program! Internet marketing is more and more popular and helpful for improving marketing.

Next step, I'll try to write some articles to publish on to get more traffic to my website.

Thanks to Mary and Oliver.

Thank Oliver, you teached us not just how to earn money from intermarketing, but also teach you how important to be a leadership and how to be a leadership.

by Monica Czorny on Golden Vision Training

Thank you Mary and Oliver. Your passion helped make the time fly. This is the best program. It is the best for my future. I appreciate your insights and dedication.