Frank Kern’s 7 Secrets to Doubling Your Online Sales in 90 Days

Frank Kern is a legend in the online world who has sold over $50 million worth of products online.  He also has a great sense of humor.  Being a former college dropout, he likes to call himself “Dr. Frank Kern”, “Attorney at Law” and “Chief Engineer with NASA retired”:)  Jon Rognerud had an interview with Frank Kern a while ago.  Frank revealed his  secrets to doubling your sales in 90 days.  I summarize them into the following 7 secrets.

  1. Getting more customers is only the tip of the iceberg to making more money. Sell more stuff to existing customers is easier. And easier still – increase frequency of purchase to existing customers.
  2. Instead of selling an eBook for $47 dollars – you might want to offer a physical version of your package for $9 dollars shipping and handling plus three easy payments of $30 dollars.Frank-kern-double-your-sales
  3. Restate your guarantee and your bonuses in your order forms.
  4. Increase conversion easily by simply offering more bonuses. Frank calls it  ”bonus stacking”, or “stacking” the cool. Just don’t offer worthless bonuses that suck.  This tip has been used widely by top affiliate marketers.
  5. Increase conversions by having down-sells available when people exit the page. There are plenty of exit popup scripts you can offer that say, “Hey wait, would you like to try the cheaper version?”  I am sure you have seen many websites have such exit popups.
  6. Increase the size of the transaction. Get more money from the first batch of sales by simply charging more.
  7. Create a back-end product that compliments your front end product.  A back-end product is the product that you want to sell to your existing customers after they have purchased a product from you.

Online marketers are often busy chasing the next shiny objects or new guru courses.  They tend to forget the fundamental sales and marketing principles.  I hope you find Frank Kern’s 7 secrets helpful and you can implement them to your online business for instant results.   If you like this post, join our mailing list for more tips and updates on how to make money online.

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