The Rise of Digital Marketing Job Market in Canada

Early this year, one of my students Michael found a decent digital marketing job in Toronto. It triggers my interests to do a research on the rise of digital marketing job market in Canada.  I want to share my findings with you in this blog. I will first give you an overview of Canadian digital marketing job market. Then, I will talk about the popular skills required for the related jobs. Lastly, I will give suggestions to people who want to pursue an exciting career in digital marketing. [Read more…]

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Apply the 80/20 Rule to Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, do you constantly feel the pressure to complete the tasks on your to-do list and learn the latest new skills in this ever-changing online world? Do you want to free yourself by achieving more with less? If yes, you need to take a serious look at the 80/20 Rule. In this blog, I will talk about what is the 80/20 Rule, why you should care about it and how to apply the 80/20 Rule to your digital marketing so that you do less with more. [Read more…]

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing [Infographic]

Video marketing has been on the list of internet marketing trends for several years. In the Internet marketing trends of 2012, video was considered more important as the web moved mobile and became more interactive. Videos accounted for 50% of all online traffic as of January 2012. Not only do videos boost your company’s visibility, but they promote brand engagement.

An inforgraphic created by HighQ shows the rapid growth of video marketing in 2015 as a digital marketing channel. I have grouped the statistics into 8 compelling reasons why you should use video marketing in 2015 and beyond. [Read more…]

The ABCs of Google Analytics

Do you know the performance of your website?  Do you know where the traffic is coming from?  Social media, paid advertising, organic search . . .  which traffic source is more effective?  What did the visitors do on your website?  Did they do what you wanted them to?

Google Analytics is a free tool that keeps track of the performance of your website or mobile app. By simply adding a tiny piece of tracking code to your website, you can find all the answers from Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with insights about your online business. It helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, better understand your target audience and optimize the performance of your website. [Read more…]

5 Essential eCommerce SEO Tactics to Help People Find Your Products

I wrote a blog on How to Search Engine Optimize Your eCommerce Site a couple of years ago. It covers several key points on how to optimize your eCommerce site for search engines. During the past one year I have reviewed many eCommerce sites and worked with several eCommerce clients. I find that many sites were built without a clear search engine optimization plan in mind. The site owner may have spent thousands of dollars on his site. However, how to get people to find those product pages on Google is still clueless. [Read more…]

How to Integrate Mailchimp with WordPress Using MailChimp for WordPress Plugin

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing service providers. MailChimp’s generous free account allows you to have 2000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails a month so that you can start your email marketing today. Go to to register a free account if you don’t have one. Want to integrate MailChimp with your WordPress website and start to build your email list? In this post, I am going to show you how to create a Mailchip signup form using the MailChimp for WordPress plugin. [Read more…]

The Anatomy of an Optimized Web Page [Infographic]

Building an optimized website lays a solid foundation for your online business. In my earlier post on 7 most common website mistakes you should avoid, one of the common mistakes is that the website is not optimized for search engines and social media.

I’ve reviewed over a thousand of small business owners’ websites during the past 5 years. I find 99% of them are not optimized at all. It is sad to see people waste their hard earned money in paid advertising . . . or hundreds of hours of work trying to generate traffic to a website that does not convert. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Cure Internet Marketing Overwhelm

Guess what is the #1 frustration of marketing online?   It is information overload!

Online entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with too many options and too much information.  You can be busy for a whole day but accomplish nothing.  I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it can be.

The path to online prosperity is not subscribing to more newsletters and checking out every new product that comes out on the market.

Instead of trying to be perfect at everything, what if you focus on what was essential for you?

You do less . . . and accomplish far more. [Read more…]

15 Useful Facebook Graph Search Queries to Find Your Target Audience

Are you looking for ways to find laser-targeted followers on Facebook? Now you can easily do it with the help of Facebook Graph Search. If you are not familiar with Facebook Graph Search queries, it can be quite frustrating to try to find what you are looking for. has compiled a very compressive list of Facebook Graph Search queries. I’ve hand-picked the best 15 queries to share with you so that you can leverage the power of Facebook graph search. [Read more…]

William Wrigley Jr.’s Legacy for Entrepreneurs

On Feb 3, Wrigley Canada announced that it will close its 53-year-old Toronto chewing gum factory in March 2016 due to a decline in sales.   The news was reported by major news sites in Canada.  It caught my attention to do a little research on Wrigley’s founder William Wrigley Jr. and how he used advertising to grow a five-cent chewing gum business into one of the most successful companies in American history. [Read more…]